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After a challenging three week process, which raised many concerns for us, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams has selected a site at 3380 South 1000 West in South Salt Lake for the location of a new homeless shelter.  


We express our deepest gratitude to our West Valley City residents and business owners for making it very clear to the county that the proposed shelter locations in our city were not appropriate.  


While the new shelter will not be located in West Valley City, it is in close proximity. We intend to work diligently with South Salt Lake and Salt Lake County to mitigate any possible impacts of a shelter in our community. 

Can we stop a shelter from coming to West Valley City?

     New state legislation prevents West Valley City leaders from having any say in the location of a shelter. This legislation has put the decision entirely in the hands of the County Mayor. We share your frustration and concern and will stand with you to fight this decision and make our opposition known.


   West Valley City prides itself on its acceptance of all people but this homeless shelter is obviously a concern for us, our residents and our businesses.  There are many challenges with a homeless shelter and we are committed to ensuring our voices are heard by the county in these decisions.

West Valley City Mayor and Council are speaking out!

Where are the proposed shelter locations?

  1. 1820 West Printers Row

  2. 2249 South 1070 West

  3. 2411 South 1070 West

Why is this concerning?

What you need to know:

Click here to learn about the good work that West Valley City has done to prevent homelessness about what our City Council's feelings are about this proposal.

Salt Lake County Homeless Facility Information Website

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